The joy of living together

h4l, home 4 life, the neighborhood that brings joy into life

We live in a society where individuality and independence prevail. Although, at his foundation, man is a social being, who is meant to live in a community with other people. The developed countries in the west and north o Europe put more and more emphasis on the idea of living together (co-housing). Studies show that in Sweden people start to embrace more and more the idea of “living together”. But this thing doesn’t apply to Romania for now as the society has pushed people towards just a little free time which they prefer to spent at home with family.

h4l HOLBAN – a different neighborhood

We, h4l, through the h4l HOLBAN residential project, are bringing the idea of a different neighborhood to Romania. h4l movement aims to raise houses for people and to bring together those who believe in its values. As architect Grace Kim said in a TEDx conference in 2017, co-housing and co-working are a way to counteract the effects of individualism and loneliness. That is exactly what we focus on, trying to give the future residents the opportunity to be close to each other.

What h4l HOLBAN proposes is a residential neighborhood that has not only generous green spaces, true spaces for meeting, playing, spending time outdoors, but also a common working space (co-working). We try to highlight the social component of a living space. Dr. Erica Elliot pointed in a TEDx conference that inside the communities where people relate a feeling of safety and happiness is created. Unfortunately, Romanians are willing to meet their neighbors but not as willing to spent time with them according to a market research made by Toud in March-April 2018.

Socializing and co-working - the joy of living together

At h4l HOLBAN, we try to bring people closer, so we provide gardens where they can meet and socialize, alleys where they can run and a space for work from home. Working from home isn’t always an advantage. At home, you can easily be distracted from your work. The advantages of a common workspace are also related to the fact that you can make connections more easily with people from various fields of activity, you can inform yourself simpler, you can socialize or develop your ideas.

The gardens are a place where children, but also adults can enjoy nature, can relate, the little ones can play safe. h4l HOLBAN has gardens that cover 33% of the total neighborhood surface. Here the children can play without worries, especially as cars have access only to the underground parking. Being a closed neighborhood, there only authorized people can enter thus raising the safety degree and reducing the risks to minimum.

h4l HOLBAN is a different place, where each individual matters, a place where nature comes first, where safety is a guarantee, where the term “to live” gets a new meaning. h4l HOLBAN is more than a neighborhood, is that place you can call “home”.

h4l started from the need to have housing in Romania, intended for the middle class (with an affordable price), to make life more beautiful, better for each tenant and to improve their well-being. We laid the groundwork for this approach after 20 years of experience in real estate, building a team focused on fostering happiness at home by cultivating its sources – bring joy into life.

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