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When we designed this neighborhood, our goal was to achieve the perfect balance between office and home life. We believe that for a young family or a person with a fresh start this balance is the way to harmony. h4l MILLENNIUM is located in Bucharest Business District office area. From here you will reach most of the office buildings in the area on foot in 15 minutes. h4l MILLENNIUM is about life-balance, about modern architecture and about the concept – the neighborhood that animates life – being an h4l neighborhood.

PHASE 1 – 2B + 10F + 11 Duplex
PHASE 2 – 2B + 10F + 11 Duplex

6000 sqm office space
for rent

h4l quality guarantee
h4l promise – 36 points

33% of the total land plot
large terrace for each apartment

PHASE 1 – 346 apartments
PHASE 2 – 372 apartments

PHASE 1 – December 2025
PHASE 2 – December 2025

How the neighborhood will look like


h4l neighborhoods

At this moment, we, h4l, are building 6 such neighborhoods in Romania, 4 in Bucharest, 1 in Brașov and 1 in Constanța. Totally, we will build in the next 4 years more than 4 500 apartments in neighborhoods that keep the 36 h4l rules.

newsletter h4l THE VILLAGE 2023

Why is the neighborhood different


h4l MILLENNIUM is also the promise of a neighborhood that brings joy into life. We are working on 3 areas that include 36 rules to achieve this promise, more about them further down the page.

1. Bring joy into life| 2. More green | 3. Efficiency, innovation, transparency

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1. Bring joy into life

To follow this concept, we tried to position the neighborhood in the “middle of action”, in the main business area of Bucharest – Bucharest Business District. From here you will get in only 15 minutes to work on foot. The neighborhood keeps the 20 points of h4l promise that contribute to increasing the quality of life at home: location, orientation, large glazed spaces, generous green area, gated community neighborhood, safe for children, underground parking lot (no cars in the green areas), spaces for social life, focus on safety and comfort etc. All these points contribute to the way to harmony – work/life balance.

2. More green

h4l MILLENNIUM is a green neighborhood having more than 33% of the land plot destined for green areas, interior gardens, where you can recharge your batteries and the children play safely. We build in harmony with nature, with high energy efficiency, using materials with low impact on the environment. The green space means over 7615 sqm. Moreover, each building will have a park of minimum 2000 sqm. In addition, from here you can easily “elope” to the green areas around Bucharest – Snagov Lake, Mogoșoaia or towards Bucegi Mountains following DN1.

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logo h4l millennium colorat
acuratete in proiectare, in procesul de constructie si in managementul calitatii, h4l, casa pentru viata, home 4 life
logo h4l millennium colorat

3. Efficiency, innovation, transparency

h4l MILLENNIUM is efficiency, innovation and transparency. They are the basis of our promise. Without these elements we wouldn’t be able to keep this neighborhood’s promise – the way to harmony. We designed 3D – BIM, for efficiency and control we bring to Romania a number of innovative solutions, simplifying all the processes, information, buying, communication, post-sale services. Through technology and an approach based on meeting your needs, we try to facilitate the way to harmony. Last but not least, we manage to offer optimized prices though efficiency.

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Technical details

We set out to make this process of searching for the place meant to be home easier and more pleasant. h4l means transparency, all prices and areas for apartments in h4l MILLENNIUM are clearly presented on the website. The technical details as well as the types of materials used are extensively detailed. In addition, we created a dedicated resource section where you can find several guides meant to help you in the search and validation of the new apartment 


h4l MILLENNIUM - quality

Bring joy into life - this is our vision. We know that it is closely related to the quality of our work. That is why we take this issue very seriously.

Resource section

We aim to help you in the process of buying a house or an apartment. So we created a number of tools, guides and, most important, we are here for you.

Financing solutions

We describe in detail the classic sources of financing and, in addition, present ideas, steps and guides on the right choice of a home.

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