Houses for sale in Bucharest - how to choose a house in the capital, according to 10 important criteria

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, case cu grădină, randare exterioară

A house in Bucharest is the dream of many of us, especially when we want to combine the utility of urban life (with all its cultural, educational and workplace dynamics advantages) with the pleasant feeling of having a house with its own garden. This dream can easily become a reality, as long as we inform ourselves in advance about 10 of the most important criteria that we must take into account when choosing one of the offers of houses for sale in Bucharest.

1. Area and location of the neighborhood

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară

Surely the area with houses that we will choose will benefit from more peace and less crowding, less noise and atmospheric pollution, fulfilling our desire to restore the connection with nature, towards which we all strive. For example, the houses in the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood are located in a green, quiet area on the shores of Șaulei Lake, 5 minutes from Pipera Plaza and 10 minutes from the Bucharest Business District office area (travel by car). On 147,500 sqm, 1136 houses (GF+1) with a garden between 30 and 70 sqm and 148 houses (Gf+2) with a garden between 100 and 200 sqm are being built with a view and direct access to Lake Șaulei, at a level of premium housing quality, setting new benchmarks for Romania.

2. Access to areas of interest

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life

This aspect matters to us when we think about reasons related to accessibility to the areas that interest us the most. In this respect, it is good to choose an area where access to important institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals), shopping centers or workplace is easy, without too much time spent in traffic. It would be ideal if the area we choose emphasizes the new trends in sustainability, and if we own electric cars or want to purchase one in the future, we make sure that the parking lots in the neighborhood have electric charging stations. Also, let’s check if the infrastructure in the new neighborhood of houses for sale in Bucharest is accommodated for bicycles and scooters, in order to move as much as possible and save important resources.

3. The technical quality of the construction

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, case cu grădină, randare exterioară

It is important to use the best materials, both in terms of their durability (for the safety and health of the residents) and their effects over time in relation to the environment. Built with sustainable materials, the houses in h4l THE VILLAGE have a modern, balanced architecture, with a focus on conserving and enhancing the green area of the lake, but also respecting the central concept and mission of h4l – bring joy into life. On the other hand, the 3D BIM design system used allows architects, builders and structural and facility engineers to work on integrated 3D models. Thus, everything is optimized and the risks related to the design and quality management processes (verification on site) are almost non-existent.

4. Plan and partitioning for houses for sale in Bucharest

Interior rendering 4.5 apartment type, h4l THE VILLAGE

The choice of a house is also closely related to the desire to have more space, well-defined areas inside and outside, which serve their purpose well. As long as the aim is to have generous spaces within the home, which bring real use and comfort, the house acquires meaning and personality, becoming the meeting place of the values, aspirations and favorite activities of the family members who live in it.

5. The finishes of a house for sale in Bucharest

Interior rendering 4.14 apartment type, h4l THE VILLAGE

We could say that the finishes set the tone in the subsequent design of the house, they are an important starting point, offering the possibility to arrange it in the desired style. In addition to the artistic role, finishes are also important in terms of thermal and sound insulation. It is recommended that the materials used be friendly to nature, but also to people’s health. In this sense, the combination of basalt wool thermal insulation and the ventilated facade will generate good vapor permeability, preventing mold from developing. The soundproofing between the floors will provide more privacy, relaxation, leaving each family member to carry out their favorite activities unhindered.

6. Well-being at home

h4l, home 4 life, casa pentru viata, cartierul care insufleteste viata

This is generated by the way the space is divided, by the way each area of the house is used, but above all by the spatial orientation of the houses. The view from the window or from the terrace will also matter here. In the case of the neighborhood of houses for sale in Bucharest in h4l THE VILLAGE, they are oriented towards Lake Șaulei, enjoying an impressive view. Wide windows will encourage the use of natural light throughout the day – so beneficial for health, but also for the efficiency of energy costs. The optimal height of the rooms, their depth, the distance traveled by the light from the window into the rooms also contribute to the creation of a healthy microclimate, with a visible impact on the physical and mental balance of the inhabitants.

7. The community created within the neighborhood

Cum influențează densitatea unui cartier starea de bine a locuitorilor săi, h4l, home 4 life

As long as the neighborhood of houses for sale in Bucharest will encourage going out, socializing and meeting moments between neighbors, the green spaces, as well as the dedicated ones in the vicinity of the detached houses, will have successfully fulfilled their purpose. Apart from your own house and garden, it would be ideal to have other reasons to go out in nature, whether it is a park, for exercise and promenade, or to call on the various commercial services near the house.

8. More green

Cum recunoaștem un cartier verde

The location has to compensate for people’s need to escape the city, while having the advantage of being so close to what binds them to it. As we have already specified, each house in the h4l THE VILLAGE complex benefits from its own spacious garden, which will encourage time spent in nature and contact with its health benefits. In addition, parks, green areas, neighborhood gardens, playgrounds, bike paths, as well as promenades will lead residents to love and protect nature that they can enjoy in peace, away from urban congestion.

9. Post-sale services for houses for sale in Bucharest

Top 10 sfaturi pentru vânzarea rapidă a casei tale

Simplifying all post-sale processes is one of the aspirations of home buyers, who just want to move into their home as quickly as possible without being held back by tedious bureaucratic matters. They also include the rent management service, which is suitable for homeowners who do not want to move yet, but rent the properties to interested parties. Recently, developers have made available to buyers a series of property management services, which can be tailored to the needs of each person who makes an investment in real estate.

10. Value of houses over time

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru ei care își doresc mai mult, case cu gradină, randare exterior

Considering all these advantages listed above, a house with its own garden is an investment that pays off over time, but brings many benefits for mental, emotional and relational health. In a comfortable home that meets our needs without fail, as well as in a harmonious neighborhood, where people with whom we share the same values live, we will feel at home and will have only authentic and fulfilling experiences.

h4l THE VILLAGE is a place where every city-loving person would want to move to, because by living at home, he will not feel for a moment that he is making a compromise or that he is giving up what is important to him.