Guide - 4-room Bucharest apartments

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When you are looking for 4-room Bucharest apartments, there is a possibility that you do not know which one would suit you best, especially since there are many offers on the market, among which you may lose sight of what is essential for you. It is important to make a list of the things you value the most and to consult the real estate offers in the city, in order to figure out what is the approximate amount to fall within for the purchase of the apartment. Then, make a sketch plan of the perfect apartment for you on paper: detached/semi-detached/non-detached, with the type of kitchen you prefer (closed or open space), spacious living room, terrace with access from every room or any other things you like of the optimal sizing for you and your family. In this article you will find useful information on how to correctly choose the house of your dreams.

Dimensions for 4-room Bucharest apartments

They vary between 87 sqm and 140 sqm, and differ in the way the spaces are optimized, on one level or even on two, in the case of a duplex, which will therefore be much more generous in terms of space than a one-level apartment.

If we are talking about detached apartments with 4 rooms, then they are distinguished by the access from the hall to each separate room, a fact that will give more privacy to family members. At the same time, they enjoy caloric autonomy, as the optimal temperature can be set for each inhabitant separately, in his own room. In addition, most of the time, the kitchen in this case is a closed one, but you can opt, during the construction phase, for an open-space one, if that’s what you want, at least that is what happens when you choose 4-room apartments in Bucharest in a h4l neighborhood. .

A semi-detached apartment implies that the access to at least one room is done by crossing another, which is not so pleasant and comfortable, when we talk about preserving the privacy of the people to whom the transit room belongs. This is suitable, say, if you want to turn it into the children’s room, to be closer to them and for the temperature in both rooms to be the same, thus you will save more on the energy or heating bill. Another advantage of this type of apartment is the price, which is often lower than that of detached 4-room Bucharest apartments.

There are also non-detached apartments, where the living room (often with an open-space kitchen included) gives access to the existing bedrooms in those living spaces. They give a strong sense of “togetherness”, but more often than not, they are the hardest to cool or heat because of this type of compartmentalization. Besides, the kitchen located in the center of the house will let the smells of food easily penetrate into the other rooms, something that not many people would appreciate.

The area where 4-room Bucharest apartments are located

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4-room Bucharest apartments

In Bucharest, the area where the apartment you want is located is particularly important. That is why it is recommended to check the access to the means of transport, the fluidity of the traffic in that area, but also the proximity to schools/kindergartens, shopping centers or recreational spaces.

If you choose to live in a multifunctional neighborhood, which takes care of the well-being of the residents and facilitates their access to centers of interest, leisure and meeting immediate needs, then you will be relieved of the stress and specific implications of moving to them. You will have it all inside the gated neighborhood with controlled access, which will make you feel safe with your family.

Moreover, if you opt for a new, sustainable neighborhood based on redefined and updated standards in the construction of apartments, you will see that in these spaces the happiness of the tenants, comfort and innovation come first. At the same time, emphasis will be placed on quality and sustainable facilities and equipment through simplicity and the well-defined, materialized and already anticipated response to the tenants’ potential needs and requirements.

Therefore, choose 4-room apartments in Bucharest which effectively fulfill most of the requirements you put forward in the initial plan, which you can arrange as you like, in correlation with the preferably generous spaces, without unusable areas. If you also take into account the abundant natural light, spacious windows that encourage a sense of well-being inside, as well as the optimal height of the rooms, you will be able to have a healthy microclimate, for the benefit of your family.

Once you have determined what your priorities and preferences are in this regard, all that remains is to be interested in how you will make the purchase, and if you are going to use bank financing, it would be ideal to ask for the help of a bank broker. It will considerably ease your work regarding the bureaucracy specific to this process.

4-rooms apartments in h4l neighborhoods they are built in such a way that you feel comfortable and ready to develop a harmonious relationship both with family members and with the community of neighbors you will be part of (with whom you share from the start the same values and principles found collectively in the h4l philosophy). Their location in important areas of Bucharest, but also the optimal microclimate they offer inside the neighborhoods will make the difference, your investment in such an apartment being an advantageous, durable and carefree one, so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your life.

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