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h4l promise

36 points

h4l promise
36 points

h4l vision is – bring joy into life – we are guided by it in all we do. In this regard, we have developed aquality management system structured on 3 groups and 36 points. Read below more about it.

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h4l vision is – bring joy into life – we are guided by it in all we do.

Our purpose is to build as many neighborhoods that bring joy into life in as many cities in the country.

We manage this through 3 elements:

  • h4l team that gives life to projects
  • h4l quality management system with 36 points
  • people who live and believe in h4l, they are the ones who take the story further

The neighborhood that brings joy into life

Bring joy into life

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1.  Architecture  – h4l means modern architecture designed by  CUBE Architecture, fluid lines, geometries build on the principle the form follows the function, minimalist approach, large glazed spaces.

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2. Neighborhood location - the optimal choice of the land on which we build h4l neighborhoods;

3. Neighborhood orientation - the correct placement in space to use sunlight efficiently;

4. Dedicated spaces - dedicated space for kindergarten;

5. Apartment types - correct sizing and optimization of apartments - solutions for all budgets and needs;

6. More space - optimization of interior space to minimize hard-to-use areas;

7. Large glazing - generous glazed areas and tall windows - all rooms have natural light that reaches to an optimal distance in the room from the window;

8. Large terrace for all apartments - minimum 10 sqm for apartments, minimum 80 mp for houses with garden;

9. Terrace access - access from each room on the terrace;

10. Generous green spaces - large interior gardens;

h4l - bring joy into life


11. Common spaces for social life:

  • Community center with gym
  • Free workoffice
  • Dedicated spaces in the interior gardens
  • Playgrounds for children

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12. Closed neighborhood, with controlled access;

13. Safe play areas - play areas in the interior courtyards, children will be safe;

14. High seismic safety - the structure is designed at the highest standards by Popp și Asociații;

15. No cars - cars have parking spaces underground or in the outer areas of the neighborhoods - parking spaces for visitors (in the case of neighborhoods of houses with gardens, cars will have dedicated areas in the above-ground area);

16. More safety

The heating is made through neighborhood heating plants, thus eliminating the risks of an apartment heating plant. There will be no more unsightly pipes, you don't have to worry about overhaul, you don't inhale gases from neighbors heating plants, there is no explosion risk and there will be more space in the kitchen.

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17. Quiet - walls insulation - 30 cm thick brick for the walls that delimit an apartment, sound insulation between floors, insulation with basalt wool on the exterior;

18. Tall rooms - tall rooms for more space (minimum 2,7 m);

19. Smart technologies - homes equipped for smart technologies (temperature regulation), equipped for electric cars (minimum 10% of the parking spaces are provided with charging stations).

20. The house "breathes" - for thermal insulation of the facade we use basalt wool (this material has a very good vapor permeability). More than that, all h4l construction have ventilated facade.

More green

more green, h4l, home for life, the neighborhood that brings joy into life

21. Harmony with nature - development in harmony with nature focused on having generous green spaces;

22. High energy efficiency - decrease by at least 40% of energy consumption compared to the average in Romania, meaning 40% lower maintenance bills;

23. Use of sustainable technical solutions - a significant part of the materials are recyclable and all have a long lifespan;

24. Low impact on environment

Efficiency, innovation, transparency

Eficenta inovatie transparenta h4l home 4 life casa pentru viata cartierul care insufleteste viata sq

25. 3D BIM design - the architects, engineers (both those responsible for structure and installations), construction company, project managers work on integrated 3D models - all is optimized, thus decreasing to 0 the risks from the design and quality management processes (verification on site);

26. Construction quality management - is ensured by the use of 3D design by the project management team on site;

27. Innovation - use of some technical solutions and innovative products;

28. Simplification of all processes - to make it easier for you to move to your home (from purchasing to post-sale management);

29. All-inclusive warranty - 3 years;

30. Lower bills - lower maintenance bills - 40% lower than average;

31. Optimal post-sale services - the developer will ensure the neighborhood management;

32. Transparency- you have access to all the information about the development on the ages dedicated to each neighborhood, prices included. If you need more information, we are receptive, you can call us or write to us.  

33. Internal rent management service;

34. Quality materials - renowned suppliers;

35. Fair price - we manage to optimize the development cost through 3D design, standardization (all materials have the same high-quality standard) and purchases in large quantities (we currently develop 7 neighborhoods with over 4 200 apartments).

36. Commitment - we are responsible for all we do, we respect our commitment, and we pay a lot of attention to assuming the deadlines, like those for project completion. 

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We thought all the 36 elements to make sure that a h4l apartment can truly bring joy into your life. They also contribute to preserving the value of the apartment in time.