How do we bring natural light inside our homes

How do we bring natural light inside our homes

Light is the most important source of energy both for us, people, and or natural world around us. If we are able to become friends with light, to know its benefits on our body and well-being, we will want to enjoy it in a way that is as conscious and responsible. How can we bring light, in all its splendor, into our homes, and how can we make the line between the outside and the inside smoother?

Why opt for houses that invite light inside

Studies have shown that improving the interior light of a house help us to recover from excessive sleep, overeating and energy loss. Considering that many of us spend a lot of time inside, we need to pay close attention to how buildings are naturally lit. Interior designer Georgia Ezra claims that our body responds to light in such a beneficial way, needing natural light to function – just as we need darkness to fall asleep.

A house that makes good use of light can refresh us from the moment we step into it. Our brain needs natural sunlight during the day to regulate the sleep patterns at night, as it produces melatonin at night, a hormone important for sleep, as well as strong immunity. Therefore, a house where natural light penetrates efficiently will turn in a real investment for our physical and mental well-being and health. Sunlight stimulates the brain’s production of serotonin, a chemical substance vital for a healthy mood and the feeling of contentment and happiness in our lives. In addition, we need sunlight to produce an active form of vitamin D which is essential for a good health and string bones.

How can windows be portals to another dimension of comfort

There is no replacement for natural light, and we can’t spare it. Its proven qualities support the improvement of productivity, intellectual performance, as well as healing and medical recovery in the spaces where we carry out our daily activities. The way we design the windows is, therefore, a decisive factor in the relationship we have with natural light and the atmosphere we bring inside. Beyond this, windows, meant to enhance natural light, will help create a better connection between inside and outside, sometimes blurring the border between the two. In addition, they can invite and encourage us to spend as much time as possible simply enjoying ourselves, either looking outside, or going outdoors, thus tightening the relation with the outside world.

The windows must not only allow a large amount of light to enter the interior, but also to do so qualitatively. For example, if natural light enters from many directions, the person inside will have a complex, different experience from what he experienced by receiving light from a single direction. Architect Alexander Christopher argues that this multilateral light visibly influences how emotions can be read and facial expressions perceived. (David Sim, Soft City)

If we want to improve the comfort and health of our home environment, we will consider letting natural light inside as part of our construction or renovation plans. There are many ways to work with the space of our houses, so we receive natural light, improving both their aesthetics and their degree of living. We will be happier, healthier, and we will save significant resources in the long term by doing so.

How do we bring natural light inside our homes

What happens when we bring natural light into our homes

Unlike shaded areas, abundant light has an effect of amplifying the decorative effects, making the interior design of a house stand out in a pleasant and balanced way. Neutral and pastel tones will make the house brighter and give that feeling of generous space, compared to dark tones which will visually reduce the space, if they are not used optimally and strategically.

On the other hand, light will give depth to the spaces, thus reducing the humidity areas, and decreasing the risk of mold. Often ignored, another feature of natural light is to freshen the air in a room. For example, the buildings where the apartments are narrow, arranged in length, where sun rays don’t penetrate properly, often create moist, thus favoring the appearance of pulmonary diseases. Basically, in an apartment where our health is not endangered, the distance between the glazed surface and the wall (adjacent to the hall of the building) shouldn’t exceed 6 meters. Therefore, large windows play an important role in this dynamic. We need to make sure that through the tall windows, the natural light reaches an optimal distance in the room (from the windows).

Through such glazing, natural light is allowed to penetrate harmoniously and give that sensation of warmth that we so eagerly seek during winter months. We know very well what a depressing, sad and completely unfriendly feeling a dark room can give us, with minimal access to the sun rays.

Moreover, natural light helps us to sustain a more sustainable lifestyle, so necessary in our fight against global warming. Efficient natural light will contribute to a much lower electricity bill. The way the neighborhood is oriented is also essential here, so that the correct placement in the space allows us to use the sunlight efficiently, for a longer duration during the day.

To feel comfortable at home means to enjoy a well-lit house. What could be more beautiful than a nest in which the light embraces us invitingly, bringing joy into our lives and enhancing our well-being? The realization of these experiences is part of h4l mission: through large glazed spaces and tall windows, we manage to bring the beauty of the outside world inside the apartments we designed. Choose to live a clean and happy life, as close as possible to nature, in one of the h4l apartments!

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