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A 3-room apartment is, often, a “next level” for a family to which new members have been added, or a starting point for people who are starting a family and are at the beginning of their journey in this direction. The latter will choose a spacious house from the start, depending on the number of members in their family, thinking that this house will be their “home” for the rest of their lives.

If you too are in one of these categories or simply want to make a long-term investment, meaning to buy such an apartment and rent it to those interested, then this material is for you.

Compartmentalization – 3-room Bucharest apartments

Because you have turned to a more spacious apartment, it is important that it fulfills that need and consists of really useful spaces that bring comfort and well-being to its center. That’s why you have to consider the way it is sized and how it can be compartmentalized in such a way that it meets your expectations. For example, considering 3-room apartments in Bucharest, they can have countless sizes and optimizations, depending on the construction they are part of. However, in order to maximize the use of the spaces, it is recommended that it be separated, i.e. all the rooms can be accessed from the hall, or semi-detached, if we are talking about the living room as a place to reconnect with family members, from which to start to the other areas of interest.

In other words, for such an apartment to offer everyone the opportunity to relax, enjoy natural light and contact with the outside environment, access to the open terrace from each room would be a major advantage. Following this idea, h4l designed all the houses and apartments in the portfolio in such a way that every room in the composition has access to the terrace.

Price – 3-room Bucharest apartments

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3-room Bucharest apartments

Depending on the area, the surroundings, the access to facilities, but also depending on how prepared the neighborhood is to respond to a wide range of requirements and needs, the price for 3-room apartments in Bucharest can vary between 120 and 150 thousand euros, and it can even reach up to 220 thousand euros, in the case of a one-floor duplex. Basically, the price depends on the size, positioning (in Bucharest/neighborhood/block) and compartmentalization. In order to have an overview of what you would like the most, it would be good to view several apartments in the same area, neighborhood or even block, so that you choose the one where you feel you can settle down.

In other words, it is advisable to check the design and construction standards for 3-room apartments in Bucharest, the level of professionalism of the team of designers and construction engineers, as well as the quality of the materials used in construction. The latter must be durable, resistant and guarantee long-term functionality, aesthetics and reliability, so that the apartment does not lose its value and the possibility of being resold, if necessary.

It is good to analyze what are the advantages of living in that neighborhood to be sure that the money you invest by buying such a home is well-used. If this is a new one, built with a new, sustainable vision, in the spirit of the idea that the happiness of the tenants comes first, then you can consider it for purchase. Also, in addition to the thorough evaluation of the quality of the construction and the materials involved in the construction process for 3-room Bucharest apartments, it is recommended to analyze the atmosphere created within the neighborhood. Is the neighborhood a place you’d like to venture into every day, where you have easy access to the most important points of interest? Or does it provide you with dedicated leisure spaces, both for you, your friends and neighbors, and your children? You would certainly like, if you have children, to be able to take them out on their bike/scooter near the house, but also to do your shopping quickly, to gain as much time as possible in the company of your loved ones. In addition, even if you have an open terrace where you can make contact with the outside, you would surely appreciate the dedicated spaces, the playgrounds, the promenade, the restaurant and the cafe or even a work office close at hand.

The 3-room apartmentsin the h4l neighborhoods meet the highest quality standards, relying on an attitude focused on the well-being, health and fulfillment of their residents, aiming to meet them with ample solutions to any challenges they may have in urban living. Depending on the areas of Bucharest that attract you the most, you can choose the h4l experience in the h4l neighborhoods MILLENNIUM (Pipera), h4l HOLBAN (Băneasa), h4l SEBASTIAN PARK (Rahova) andh4l WEST GARDEN POLITEHNICA.

This article also exists in Romanian here – Ghid – apartamente 3 camere București