Pipera houses - overview and alternatives

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Pipera is a very important area of Bucharest, a conglomerate of very good educational units, as well as a corporate ecosystem where a good part of Bucharesters work and to which they travel daily from other areas. In addition to the well-known fact of having access to unique parks, gardens and recreational areas, Pipera is a place where many people would like to live, due to easy access to health, educational, cultural and recreational services.

Varied range of Pipera houses for sale

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When you are looking for a house in the Pipera area, you have already established one of the most important search criteria, the place. You know what is the area of interest for you and depending on this you will choose one of those Pipera houses with which you will resonate the most.

You have the possibility to choose a house in one of the recently built residential complexes in the area, or you can choose from the independent ones, which have already been built for several years and are for sale. The offer is particularly wide, and the luxury designs, specific to the entire area, are among the first in the search list.

Prices start from 115,000 euros (this is the starting price for a house with a garden in the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood) and go up to 800,000 euros and even more if we talk about sumptuous villas with exclusive design. Most Pipera homes for sale have between 4 and 7 bedrooms and also include terraces, spacious yards and premium amenities. At first glance, the focus falls on opulence, so most of them are inaccessible for a good part of the Bucharest population or for those who want to live in Pipera and fully enjoy the facilities of the area, but who have low, even average incomes.

Pipera houses under a unique concept

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Unlike the options a potential buyer has on a first search on the internet, h4l THE VILLAGE offers a wide range of Gf+1 houses with garden and Gf+2 TOWNHOUSES. In addition, they are suitable for several types of budget allocated for the purchase of a Pipera house. You will be able to choose from a series of more than 20 different configurations of garden houses, with areas of green space between 30 and 70 square meters. Moreover, you are given the opportunity to access a hybrid construction, unique in Romania, which takes the best elements from the apartment and the house. Thus, if what you are looking for is a small-sized house, like a two-room apartment, but with attractive, generous spaces that carefully fulfill their purpose, without filler and unusable spaces, then such a house suits you. In addition, you benefit from your own garden, to which you have access from the rooms on the ground floor, and on the first floor you can enjoy a spacious terrace, for a quick contact with nature outside. You can benefit from more peace and relaxation, in a neighborhood where 33% of the total area is green spaces. Thus, the population density is very low and the height regime is reduced, and you will not have the feeling that you are in the middle of the urban agglomeration, because you will not be surrounded by skyscrapers and intense car traffic.

In this neighborhood of Pipera houses, the emphasis is on spending time outdoors, in dedicated spaces such as gardens, playgrounds and the promenade on the shores of Lake Șaulei, which is surrounded by views that abound in spectacular natural settings.

Pipera houses – focus on functionality, but also on the fulfillment of residents

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The second type of houses in the h4l portfolio are the TOWNHOUSE type, with two floors (Gf+2), available in six models and with gardens ranging from 100 to 200 sqm. They bring more comfort and space compared to houses with a garden, having useful surfaces and larger gardens, with a view and direct access to Lake Șaulei.

Unlike those Pipera houses built until 2020, in the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood, the focus is on functionality, but also on the idea of a community centered on common values: care for nature, sustainability, the desire to make costs and consumption of natural resources more efficient, the desire to spend as much time as possible in nature, with loved ones. To the same extent, you will feel privileged to have access to a house built with a sense of responsibility, increased seismic resistance, attention to detail. The durable materials used show the high degree of sophistication of these units, guaranteeing a premium level of living.

Moreover, these TOWNHOUSES enjoy an exceptional positioning, with a large garden facing the lake, of a maximum of 200 sqm, but also larger usable areas, up to 220 sqm, with terraces on each floor. The prices for these types of Pipera houses are between 353,000 euros and 390,000 euros, except for the TOWNHOUSE types with 4 or 5 bedrooms and a 150 sqm garden, which have an estimated price of 500,000 euros.

The houses from h4l THE VILLAGE they will make you feel that you are part of a unitary, sustainable neighborhood, where the houses have innovative design from the same architectural story, with an impressive blend-in in the natural setting of which it is a part. If you choose from the range of Pipera houses, enjoying at the same time a sense of belonging and familiarity, where you can develop a harmonious relationship with your neighbors and the community, then the h4l alternative at the mainstream houses in Pipera will offer you a balanced and harmonious living experience.

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