Apartments with terrace Bucharest

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When you live in Bucharest, you realize how important, at some point, the idea of having your own place to relax right inside the house becomes. Most of the time, you are denied this wish, especially if you choose your future home in one of the most active areas of the city, as the neighborhoods here seem crowded and crowded. In this sense, many of the new apartments are not compartmentalized properly, they have unusable spaces or they have small terraces, which you can rarely use.

Against the background of fewer and fewer parks, partially or totally replaced by the construction of other buildings, and recreational areas usually placed on the outskirts of the city, the need to “make the most of what you have” is felt more and more acutely. This is in the sense of bringing nature into our homes and creating a beneficial microclimate for health and harmony in the daily routine. It is vital that new neighborhoods consider the integration of such spaces, to which people have easy access, even from their own homes.

Why choose one of the apartments with terrace Bucharest

h4l MILLENNIUM, Drumul spre armonie, Pipera, București, h4l
Apartments with terrace Bucharest - h4l MILLENNIUM

When the apartment you have chosen is well compartmentalized, with generous spaces and access to the terrace from every room, then you will be tempted to spend as much time as possible in contact with the outside air.

For example, here you can do exercises in the fresh morning air, or you can have breakfast or drink your coffee enjoying the chirping of birds. It is scientifically proven that if you open the window at the beginning of the day or go out on the terrace, not only will your physical health benefit, but your mental health could also be improved. The beautiful view of the surroundings and the fresh air will make you feel good. Moreover, exposure to nature helps reduce the stress level accumulated during a working day, and eating on the terrace helps us relax, which is why digestion is done properly. The chosen neighborhood has in its composition or proximity green spaces for recreation and leisure or intended for meeting the tenants community members. In the same idea, a terrace can also be seen as the place that facilitates socialization and meetings with loved ones and friends, taking the place of the living room when the weather outside is favorable.

In addition, a terrace can inspire you to arrange it in the way that suits you, so that it meets your needs and preferences. Thus, it can be seen as an optimal space for micro-gardening, a relaxation corner with outdoor furniture, which you can discretely delimit from the neighbors’ terraces, for more privacy, by means of solutions such as vegetable walls or vertical gardens.

On the other hand, the crowded life in Bucharest leads you to look for as many opportunities as possible to relax, spend time in nature and opt for spaces that offer you the comfort and tranquility that you are deprived of in the urban jungle. A suitable choice, which meets all these criteria, is the orientation towards apartments with terrace in Bucharest.

h4l neighborhoods are an alternative to the way houses and apartments are built in Romania, putting the happiness of tenants, sustainability and innovation in the foreground. These things translate into bringing joy into life (modern architecture, comfortable living spaces – beneficial to the creation of a healthy microclimate, the presence of spaces dedicated to the community), more green within the neighborhoods (as well as their positioning near natural settings), efficiency/innovation /transparency (smart technologies, sustainable construction materials, fair price).

Apartments with terrace Bucharest available in h4l neighborhoods

h4l THE VILLAGE, Pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, București, Pipera
Apartments with terrace Bucharest - h4l THE VILLAGE

Usually, apartments with a terrace, or rather with a balcony, for the blocks existing in Bucharest for several decades, assume cramped, unused spaces in the idea of representing a place dedicated to relaxation. Often, they are used either as a storage space, or as a space where people “hide” objects or things that they don’t want to be seen or included in the interior spaces.

All apartments in h4l neighborhoods have a terrace, and you can choose the one you like the most from the ensembles located in key areas of Bucharest: h4l MILLENNIUM (Bucharest Business District area), h4l HOLBAN (Băneasa Shopping City), as well as h4l SEBASTIAN PARK and h4l WEST GARDEN POLITEHNICA, to be released soon.

The terraces in the h4l apartments are at least 10 square meters, and in the case of the houses with garden in the h4l THE VILLAGE complex, they are up to 80 square meters. What is remarkable about them is the fact that, although they also have their own garden, the houses with a garden also benefit from spacious terraces, to which you can also go out from the rooms on the first floor.

If you want to change your daily routine, but also the way you spend your free time in one of the apartments with terrace Bucharest, h4l gives you the opportunity to reconsider the idea of the terrace. In addition to the fact that you will be able to go outside without leaving your home, a terrace will inspire you to use it in multiple ways that will bring you a sense of well-being.

h4l is about bringing joy into life, more green and innovation/efficiency/transparency. Fairly evaluated prices, the facilities offered and the promise of a community of residents that will become your “village” that you need to evolve beautifully and with whom you share the same values – these are just a few aspects that will make you stay in a h4l neighborhood for life.

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