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Living in Bucharest should be a joy, especially if we look on the bright side, the endless opportunities to grow and develop in any direction we like. A multilateral city open to everything new and ready to respond to our deepest concerns, it is an environment where, contrary to general opinion, we can live harmoniously, following sustainable principles that bring us closer to nature. In Bucharest, there is an acute need for clean air, less congested traffic, more walking, and as many green spaces as possible.

In this idea, h4l designed neighborhoods with minimal impact on the environment and to encourage the adoption of the example in Romania, redefining the standards in the construction of houses/apartments and aligning with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of the residents, sustainability, and innovation prevail. If the way housing is built changes, shifting the focus to the quality of life, then the people who live in it would become more balanced and happier and could look outside more often, where they could minimize their impact on nature. Against the backdrop of climate change, this attitude is increasingly necessary.

Homes that encourage contact with nature

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h4l MILLENNIUM alternative to Aviatiei apartments for sale

Although you will enjoy living in one of the Aviatiei apartments for sale, the desire to get out and spend more time outdoors will also increase at the same time. Orientation of the neighborhood towards the light, large glass windows, high and spacious rooms without unusable spaces, as well as the exit to the terrace from every room, encourage an indoor-outdoor harmony. At the same time, comfort, health and well-being are present both inside and outside. That’s because there are numerous opportunities to spend time in dedicated spaces, extensive gardens, community centers, free work-office, and much more. They will give a feeling of belonging to a small town prepared to meet all the needs of the residents, being a place they will hardly part with.

h4l MILLENNIUM is a green neighborhood, with more than 33% of its space dedicated to interior gardens, i.e. more than 7615 sqm of green areas. Thus, people can always recharge their batteries, having access to various activities in the heart of the community in a safe and protective environment. As a gated community with controlled access, it has safe playgrounds for children, who can feel free to venture within, enjoying the convenience of a safe space that allows them to run, play ride a bike, scooter or rollerblade. Access to other green areas outside the neighborhood – lake Snagov, Mogoşoaia or even DN1 towards the Bucegi Mountains – is very easy.

Sustainability and innovation, present in Aviatiei apartments for sale

h4l MILLENNIUM, the way to harmony, Bucharest, exterior rendering
h4l MILLENNIUM alternative to Aviatiei apartments for sale

The respect and love for nature surrounding these Aviatiei apartments for sale can also be seen in the technologies used in design and construction, equipment and finishes. Thus, through 3D – BIM modeling, the interior space was optimized, as well as the quantities of construction materials, adapted in real-time to the needs on the site, without excess supply. Then, the construction materials chosen are standardized, from the best quality categories, being resistant, durable and from recycled raw material.

On the other hand, preparing homes for smart energy regulation and control technologies results in much lower costs and a much lower carbon footprint. For example, the district heating plant is a sustainable home heating option, without the risks associated with other types of boilers, with a very good efficiency and up to 40% lower maintenance costs. Cost efficiency is a primary feature of sustainability, as minimizing the consumption of the planet’s resources has long-term beneficial effects on nature and people. In the same idea, 10% of the parking spaces will be prepared for the installation of charging stations for electric cars.

Focus on increasing the quality of life in the neighborhood with Aviatiei apartments for sale

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h4l MILLENNIUM alternative to Aviatiei apartments for sale

Comfort inside the home is given by several factors. Natural light and the way it enters the home has a direct impact on people’s mental health, helping to regulate circadian cycles. Practically, the spatial orientation of the homes, but also the creation of generous glazed areas, with high windows, will provide them the right amount of sunlight, which will reach an optimal distance in the rooms, from the windows Proper heating is also important for the esidents’ well-beeing, and that is why in these Aviatiei apartments for sale in the h4l MILLENNIUM neighborhood, an optimal level of humidity is maintained, which does not encourage the appearance of mites and mold. In addition, to ensure ventilation conducive to an energetic and productive state, the use of the combination of basalt wool insulation and ventilated facade will allow the houses to breathe and present a very good vapor permeability.

Also, the design and quality of the materials used in the construction of the apartments, as well as the neighborhood of which it is part, contribute considerably to the health and well-being of the people who live there. Minimalism, innovation, new technologies, and the focus on generous spaces that faithfully fulfill their purpose will result in a state of well-being at home. That will impact behavior and motivation to act, making socialization easier or harder, and also helping to reduce or increase stress levels.

h4l MILLENNIUM is where the perfect harmony between inside and outside will help you connect to yourself and your loved ones, but also to what matters to you and them. If you want to take living in an apartment to a new level, Aviatiei apartments for sale in the h4l neighborhood are at your disposal in the form of 77 types of studios, apartments with 2, 3, or 4 rooms and duplexes – solutions for all your needs in terms of surface area, number of rooms and cost.

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