33 points to consider in the process of buying a house

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When you start buying an apartment, it is difficult to take into account all the things that define it, especially if you have no idea where to start. There are many points that you have to keep in mind. Some are specific, technical and require increased attention. We have built a list of 33 points to consider and check when validating an apartment for purchase.

33 points to consider when buying a house

1. check the means of transport and real travel times; 

2. pay attention to terms – usable surface built surface and the price per sqm – it is calculated as a ratio between the selling price and usable surface (not built surface);

3. 3D – BIM design  – probably the most important element, because this approach eliminates the possibility of making mistakes in the general design, the design of the structure, the installations, it makes the quality management more efficient in the construction phase and because it makes all these stages more efficient, the construction costs are reduced and you pay a fair price

4. a bedroom must be of a minimum of 12 sqm. If it is smaller,isn’t a bedroom and the apartment won’t have 3 rooms, but 2 – these are apartments type 2.5; 

5. apartment sizing and the plan – many apartments have hard-to-use space or too much of the space is allocated for hallways, entrances – pay attention to the ROOM GEOMETRY, when buying an apartment, an apartment with a narrow bedroom or a narrow living room will generate less comfort (be sure to get the floor plans to clearly see the width of the rooms, how your furniture can fit in the room, if you have space to pass beside the bed in narrow bedrooms), as well as one with a kitchen where there is not enough space for furniture, table;

6. kitchen  – an enclosed kitchen is preferable,like that you make sure that when you cook the smell won’t go all over the house. It is preferable to have a window, in this way you will have natural ventilation (for those without window the ventilation is made through common pipes, so you risk having the smell from your neighbors food in your apartment)

7. open-space kitchen – if you want such a kitchen try to find an apartment with an enclosed kitchen that has the option to be transformed into an open-space using a glass wall; 

8.green areas green areas in the neighborhood mus be of considerable dimensions;

9. interior courtyard – it will be the place where children will play and you will spend time with your family or other residents;;

10. playgroundssome neighborhoods don’t have one, or it is located several minutes away; 

11. gated community neighborhood – increased safety – in addition, such a neighborhood increases the value of its property;

12. life in the neighborhood – with a good management of the neighborhood you have a lot to gain, for example, through smart applications you can benefit from the support of the community, you can communicate effectively, and you can save time. It can be a strong point in buying an apartment;

13. thermal insulation – basalt wool offers more benefits than polystyrene (sound insulation, low impact on the environment, fire protection, the highest energy standard);

14. joinery – find out the heat transfer coefficients of the windows and their manufacturer;

15. neighborhood heating plant – represents a great advantage, lower costs and risks, higher comfort;

16. preparation for smart technologies – sockets, heat meter, charging stations for electric cars; 

17.  sound insulation – very few apartments have sound insulation between floors and apartments – try to understand if there have been used materials that can provide sound insulation and the thickness of the walls that delimit an apartment and the rooms;

18.  terrace  – it is not usable space, and it should be generous, also it would be useful to be able to access it from every room –   a large terrace means more comfort, you will fully appreciate it;

19.  large glazing  – will increase the well-being bringing more natural light inside;

19.  undergound parking  – they are very useful when buying an apartment, you will be sure that you do not have cars in the interior, green or neighboring spaces and, in addition, if you have a car, you are reassured that it will be safe in the underground parking;

21. work – office – it would be ideal to have a free working space to work from home;

22. spaces for  social life  – dedicated common spaces, whether they are indoor or outdoor will bring extra joy to your life;

23. transparency – the developer must give you all the information about your new house;

24. seismic safety – it is very good to search information about the structure of the building, who designed it, who and how built it, all this info should be easy to access;

25. construction quality – it is important to know who designed the buildings and who built them; 

25. room height – tall rooms give the feeling of more space, receive more natural light and increase the comfort. If they are taller than 2.68 meters it is good.

27. energy efficiency – see the energy efficiency indicators, based on them, you will be able to estimate the monthly costs, aim to have lower maintenance bills;

28. post-sale services – there are many stories about them, it is important to get transparency from the developer, to know who assumes them after the project is completed, on what term and for what costs;

28. impact on the environment – the lower the impact on the environment during the construction a post-sale of the neighborhood, the better and that guarantees a greener future for you and your family;

30. fair price – all the prices should be public, on the websites of the new neighborhoods and in correlation with the area, the quality of the construction, the degree of optimization, the height regime;

31. check the list of materials used – they will all tell you something about the quality of the construction; 

32. the moment of the visit – the way the reception desk looks, the cleanliness, the attention to detail, the exterior design, the friendliness and willingness of the staff to help you, the availability, all really show the care that the developer’s team has for you, the one who is buying an apartment;

33. a clean and well-maintained neighborhood will increase the value of your property over time.

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