New apartments Bucharest - h4l is building several neighborhoods in Bucharest

h4l THE VILLAGE, Pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, București, Pipera

When you are looking for new apartments in Bucharest, which will be your “home” for the next period or the rest of your life, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best option for you, especially when this involves establishing the apartment profile that suits you and choosing it from a multitude of available options. If you are determined to buy a home from the offer of new apartments in Bucharest, the most important step you must take is to consult a guide to establish preferences and filters that will shape your choice. 

Once you have gone through these and made a list narrowing down your search filters, setting a budget, target area and the type of house/apartment you want, you can move on to the next stage, making sure to check the following aspects:

  • The building should be part of a neighborhood that will considerably improve the quality of life, as a result of a careful vision with the environment and that values natural resources, thus having sustainable and resistant buildings over time.
  • The chosen apartment or house should be a space that influences well-being and health, preferably with generous glazing, efficient partitioning, without unusable spaces;
  • The future home should allow you to enjoy the air and weather outside more often, without leaving home, either through an open terrace or through your own garden
  • The design and construction technologies, as well as the materials used are qualitative, the apartments in the chosen neighborhood are homes prepared to be smart homes and respond to concerns related to the efficiency of resource consumption.
  • The chosen neighborhood has in its composition or proximity green spaces, for recreation and leisure or intended for meeting the members of the community of tenants.
  • It benefits from dedicated spaces, commercial areas, work office and gym to meet the most important needs of the residents. 
  • The kindergarten, the location in an area with multiple educational and cultural options will be considered a plus.
  • The area offers easy access to health facilities, workplaces or business centers, so that you do not spend too much time in traffic from home to work and vice versa. 


These are just a few ideas that help you answer the most important questions related to new apartments in Bucharest and the facilities that the neighborhoods of which they are a part of will make available to you. Your personal preferences and desire to live in a house/apartment where your life will become more enjoyable will cling to one goal: the joy of living in the present. 


h4l MILLENNIUM, the way to harmony, Bucharest, exterior rendering
New apartments in Bucharest

New apartments Bucharest - h4l mission

h4l has taken on the mission of redefining the way houses and apartments are built in Romania, taking over the model of western countries in which the creation of living spaces in which tenants feel happy and protected is valued. At the same time, with an emphasis on sustainability, cost efficiency and innovation, h4l homes shift the focus to quality of life, comfort and a healthy microclimate.

Thus, h4l builds neighborhoods where you will start to live consciously, to enjoy life and the comfort specially created for you, the most important component of this vision. The 3 pillars that govern the premium living experience in h4l neighborhoods are bring jot into life, more green and efficiency/transparency/innovation.

h4l HOLBAN, pentru cei care îndrăznesc, penthouse de vânzare Bucururești
New apartments in Bucharest

New apartments Bucharest - h4l promise

Life is full of joy when lived in a space you resonate with, with modern architecture, where you feel at home, loved and cherished. The generous spaces, with an optimal height, with large windows, are part of buildings oriented correctly in space and which are equipped with the most efficient technologies, for optimal thermal comfort, regardless of the season. The ventilated facade, thermal insulation with basalt wool, thick walls and good soundproofing between floors will contribute to the creation of a space where relaxation, tranquility and spending quality time give life to the “home 4(for) life” concept.

To the same extent, more green translates both into the experience of a private terrace or garden, to which you can exit from each component room (or only from the rooms on the ground floor, as happens in the case of houses in h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood), as well as the opening to dedicated spaces within the neighborhoods. In addition to the indoor spaces intended for office work (free work-office), shopping, physical activity (fitness room), kindergarten, these new Bucharest apartments in the h4l neighborhoods have nearby spaces specially designed for recreation (for children, but also for adults) promenade, bike paths, over 33% of their surface being made up of green spaces.

Innovation, efficiency and transparency are visible through the technologies used from the design stage, with an emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency and the reduction of waste, both in terms of quality and durable construction materials and the consumption of natural resources. The h4l neighborhoods are ready to become smart homes, with intelligent capabilities for regulating consumption, but also with parking spaces with charging stations for electric cars. The right price, transparent communication and optimal after-sales services are some important features of h4l’s vision in neighborhoods.

With the aim of multiplying this living model that brings joy into life in as many cities as possible in the country, in your search for new apartments in Bucharest you will already find 5 h4l neighborhoods under development. Three of these are in a fairly advanced stage, h4l THE VILLAGE (neighborhood of houses with garden, Șaulei lLake, Pipera Plaza) or h4l MILLENNIUM (apartment neighborhood, Bucharest Business District area), h4l HOLBAN (apartment neighborhood, Baneasa Mall area). If you want to live in the capital city, but enjoy nature and a home that represents you, you can choose with your heart the home that suits you the most!