Herăstrău apartments at affordable prices

h4l HOLBAN, apartamente Herăstrău, Pentru cei care îndrăznesc

Who wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful and airy area, close to nature, where they can constantly witness the manifestation of nature, in all seasons? Surely you are among those people who value disconnection from everyday life through outdoor outings, walks, and hikes. How good it would be if they were accessible to as many people as possible, and even close to home, without having to travel by car to enjoy the beauty of nature. Moreover, if those who live in the city were given the opportunity to be in the vicinity of a forest, a large park, a hill, or even a lake, within a few minutes of walking or cycling, or driving, they would appreciate much more the little riches of an ordinary day.

How easy it is to choose from the offer of Herastrau apartments on the market

h4l HOLBAN, apartamente 4 camere București, h4l, home 4 life, pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Băneasa
h4l HOLBAN - Herăstrău apartments

Unfortunately, in today’s economic context, as well as that of price fluctuations in real estate, very few of us can buy an apartment or a house in the areas of Bucharest with which we resonate the most. Having access to Herăstrău apartments, for example, and at the same time being close to the key points of your daily activities is already a privilege that not many can enjoy. All the more so when we talk about the need to look out the window at a natural landscape and not a cluster of tall buildings, or to go out on the terrace or in specially arranged green spaces for the simple fact of breathing fresh air and feeling the weather from outside on our skin. On the same note, most of us drive for miles to airier places in Bucharest or even outside of it, to escape the noise of cars and trams and the related noises.

Getting an apartment near a lake or park is quite difficult nowadays, because the prices are exclusive and often overrated. Knowing how high the demand is for apartments that benefit from such proximity and beautiful natural settings, developers often take advantage of the purchasing power of those who want something else from living in Bucharest.

The alternative to Herăstrău apartments with an overpriced price

h4l HOLBAN, h4l, home 4 life, pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Străulești
h4l HOLBAN - Herăstrău apartments

How would it be if you found out that there is a new concept of apartments on the market, made with the idea of bringing joy into the lives of tenants and bringing them closer to nature and real comfort inside and outside their own homes? The apartments in the h4l HOLBAN neighborhood are located near Băneasa Mall, 5 minutes by car and 15 minutes on foot from the northern side of Herăstrău park and lake.

This neighborhood complies with h4l (home for life) design and development criteria, raising the quality of life standards in the neighborhood. It stands out for the emphasis it places on the happiness of its tenants, by creating new living conditions, from several points of view.

First of all, the Herăstrău apartment neighborhood, h4l HOLBAN, is correctly oriented spatially, to benefit from as much natural light as possible, but also from abundant green spaces, as they occupy more than 33% of the area of the neighborhood The optimized orientation is completed by the tall windows, the efficient partitioning for the correct use of space, the high rooms, with access from each to the spacious terrace.

The materials used are of the best quality, on which you can always obtain detailed information from the sources provided, to emphasize the transparency specific to h4l, both in establishing a fair price (with the help of 3D modeling that effectively establishes the cost of materials) and in taking responsibility and keeping commitments. Therefore, the premium development resulting in the h4l projects will offer Herăstrău apartments of 2, 3, and 4 rooms, at affordable prices, for specific middle-class incomes.

Estimated costs for energy in the case of h4l apartments, will be at least 40% lower than the average, with the help of advanced thermal insulation solutions (basalt wool and ventilated facade), district heating plants, LED lighting sources and optimization at the level of installations and electricity created since the design phase.

In other words, dedicated spaces such as the kindergarten, fitness room, work office, commercial spaces, playgrounds and gardens will offer a holistic living experience, meting to the most common needs of the residents of Herăstrău apartments. In addition, it will encourage you to go out more often and discover the people in the community and the surroundings.

Take your time and explore all the advantages of integrating the h4l concept into your everyday life and choose one of the 25 types of apartments in the h4l HOLBAN neighborhood where you have the opportunity to bring joy into your life. Being close to Herăstrău will be a well-deserved bonus within a healthy lifestyle, focused on harmonious and fulfilling experiences in Bucharest.

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