The usefulness of a viewing before buying the future house

Utilitatea pe care o are o vizionare

The long-awaited moment has come when you have to buy your own home, an experience full of emotions and a good opportunity to build your future in a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. During this search, you will have the opportunity to explore various options and discover, in detail, what you want for your future home. Although it can be challenging, with careful planning and a positive attitude, you will be amazed at how smooth and enjoyable the process of buying your ideal home can be.

Once you have chosen the area in which you want to live and have a shortlist of a few favorite homes, from which to choose the one you resonate with the most, you can move on to the next stage of evaluating the best home. That means you’ll need to analyze every detail about your new home, including potential problems with the foundation, structure, finishes, light fixtures, electrical, plumbing, and more. Fortunately, you can rely on certain services that will guarantee the safety and durability of these facilities, which fall under the category of absolutely necessary inspections before purchasing a house.

The inspections you need to do when you go to view your future home

Cumpărarea unei case

In addition to checking all the guarantee certificates and the legality of the documents in order to conclude the transaction, it is necessary to ascertain the technical condition of the construction and related installations, as well as its related comfort parameters. On the other hand, it is important to check if the apartment you want to buy is on the list of buildings technically expertized by the town hall, being categorized as having a “seismic risk degree”. This can be consulted free of charge at the town hall or on its related website, but only if you are not buying a new home.

Then, if you buy the property with credit from the bank, your apartment will be evaluated by an expert appraiser who will make sure that its value is in line with the amount of money that the bank will lend to the applicant. Evaluation is useful in setting the correct price, but also in gathering data about the property it is valuing. Thus, the appointed valuator will make a viewing and inspect the interior and exterior of the building, take pictures and note down a series of information related to the location, the land, the style of the home, the area, the quality of the construction and the technical condition, the number of rooms and annexes, the age of the finishes and other amenities. Afterwards, the valuator will check the data related to the property, available in the property documents: taxes, title and cadastral plans. These documents provide him with details of the size of the land, the total and useful living area and other details of the real estate in question. This information will be corroborated with that obtained during the inspection carried out by the valuator in order to obtain the most accurate assessment. Once this data is gathered, the valuator should look for at least three comparable homes that have sold in the last three to six months and ideally should be within a 1km radius of the chosen property by you. The valuator finds comparable sales by checking local information and other sources, such as local realtor databases, preferably getting as many similarities as possible to the property in question.

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After collecting data on comparable properties to estimate value, the valuator proceeds to make cost adjustments for features that differ from your chosen property. Finally, the valuator makes the final estimate and transmits the value arrived at to the banking institution, and then the lending process follows its natural course.

In other words, in addition to it or carried out individually when you buy a property with the money down, there is another type of viewing. For the complete check of the most important components of the house – the reliability of the roof / doors / windows, the proper insulation, the structure and foundation of the building, the plumbing system and the age of the pipes, the safety of the electrical panel and wiring, the ventilation and the cooling and heating systems and other less known details – you will need to call on the services of specialists in real estate technical inspection.

This is drawn up by a real estate technical consultant, who aims to identify any defects that the building has and the architecture of its related installations. If there are defects, an indicative amount must be established to cover the remedy of these defects. If you assume this amount, then you will negotiate from the sale price of the property or subtract that amount from the purchase price. Then, the legal situation of the property will be checked by a lawyer specialized in this regard or by the notary, and if everything is in order, a transaction date will be set at the notary. This is the series of steps that must be taken in order not to fall into the trap of the phenomenon called “blind buying”, i.e. that situation in which most home buyers go “to be safe” with real estate agents, make false assumptions or are not interested not at all about the technical quality of their future home.

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The process of viewing and inspecting your future home before you buy it is a chapter that you should not neglect, being part of a trend of educating home buyers, precisely to prevent possible problems that you may face in the absence of these checks. Therefore, it is particularly important to inform yourself from safe sources, with certain, concrete information, which will not create unforeseen problems for you in the future, in which to invest precious resources – time, money, energy.

A home viewing is a crucial step in the home buying process. By focusing on these key elements during your inspection, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision and that the home you are buying is in good condition. It’s always better to identify potential problems before you buy a home than to discover them after you’ve taken that step.

Choosing a new house can save you from most of the problems or vices that you could experience in the case of opting for an old one. This aspect becomes a strong point, especially if you will have a transparent and honest real estate developer. He will provide you with all the technical documentation of the building, to assure you of the indisputable quality of the entire set of installations, systems and materials behind the construction of an efficient, valuable house in which joy is brought into your life.