French Quarter Apartments - there is always an alternative way

h4l MILLENNIUM, Drumul spre armonie, București, Pipera, standard de calitate, apartamente cartierul francez

If you love the natural settings of Bucharest and try to spend as much time as possible in these areas, you would probably like to live in the vicinity of one of them, to enjoy an oasis of nature in the middle of the urban jungle. The French Quarter is such an area, particularly sought after for the immediate access to Herăstrău Park, but also for the unique style that the architecture of the buildings evokes – Belle Époque – in which the luxury houses and apartments here were built.

Why is the French Quarter so sought after?

h4l MILLENNIUM, Drumul spre armonie, Pipera, București, h4l

The history of this place tells about a neighborhood created by a group of French architects, who were invited to build buildings for the new capital of Romania, in the period after the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Located in the center of Bucharest and built between 1880-1890 around two central squares, Piața Amzei and Piața Lahovari, the French Quarter quickly became a meeting place for the Bucharest intellectuals of that period, hosting many cafes, restaurants and exclusive shops. Although over time the French Quarter has lost its luster, many of its buildings being neglected or even demolished during the communist period, in recent years efforts have been made to restore and revitalize the historical areas of Bucharest, including the French Quarter, which remains one of the most picturesque and unique neighborhoods in the city.

On the other hand, the main asset is given by the Herăstrău park and lake, the largest in Bucharest, and the proximity to Floreasca Lake, which form one of the largest park-lake complexes in Europe. The potential of the area also lies in the proximity of two airports, which is another major advantage for many people.

Therefore, the attraction for this area has not decreased, lovers of beauty but also of natural oases in the urban core of Bucharest being more and more eager to experience living here. The costs involved in purchasing a home in the French Quarter are far beyond the possibilities of the middle class, requiring an exclusive budget in this regard. Those who still want to live nearby, with access to a wide range of services, recreation, leisure and entertainment spaces, as well as diversified shopping centers, have at their disposal fair and balanced price alternatives.

The h4l apartments, the alternative to the houses in the French Quarter

h4l HOLBAN, jurnal de șantier, Pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente cartierul francez - alternative

h4l, a real estate developer of sustainable neighborhoods that bring joy into life and living experiences in the urban environment, set out to design and build homes aligned with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of tenants, sustainability and innovation are welcome. Thus, if the area that attracts you the most in Bucharest is the French Quarter, find out that you can explore the possibility of living in its proximity, choosing one of the apartments in the h4l MILLENNIUM or h4l HOLBAN neighborhoods.

h4l MILLENNIUM is for you if you want to achieve the perfect balance between office and home life. For complete harmony, regardless of whether you are at the beginning of the road in creating your own path in life, or you have just started your family, h4l Millennium is located near the Bucharest Business District office area, offering numerous possibilities for spending time inside but also outside the neighborhood. The homes are spacious, optimally oriented in space, to take advantage of the sunlight throughout the day, which penetrates through windows with large windows, access to the terrace of at least 10 square meters from any room, a panoramic view of the city and intelligent compartmentalization, which eliminates the unusable spaces. With a focus on sustainability, safety and comfort, the building’s ventilated facade, basalt wool insulation, large windows, smart home technologies and neighborhood central heating contribute to efficient energy consumption, which leads to bills by up to 40 % lower than usual. Green spaces, playgrounds and socializing spaces intended for both children and adults fulfill the promise of more green, occupying up to 33% of the area of the neighborhood. All these points contribute to the road to harmony – work/life balance.

h4l HOLBAN has the same design and development characteristics, but is located next to Mall Băneasa, increasing the quality of life standards in the neighborhood. Through efficiency and innovation, the homes have generous surfaces, built and finished with premium materials and with a low impact on nature, at affordable prices for specific middle class incomes. The opportunities to meet nature are countless, the proximity to the Băneasa Forest being a good opportunity to escape from the urban environment more and more often.

In order to generate a positive living experience on the quality of life, h4l implemented unique solutions in Romania, rethinking the way housing is built in our country. Taking into account the main needs of people living in the city, h4l brought inside its neighborhoods large inner courtyard, common spaces for social life – (fitness room, free workoffice) generous glazed spaces, terrace for each apartment, access to terrace from all rooms, no cars in the center of the neighborhoods (special underground parking areas or on the outskirts of the neighborhood), high security in the neighborhood through controlled access and many other solutions aimed at increasing the degree of comfort.

Choose an apartment that puts a real focus on your well-being, because in the end, the premium living experience is generated by the way you feel in that place and not just the prestige of the area.