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h4l THE VILLAGE, București, Pipera, Pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, vile de vânzare București

There comes a time when we want life to settle down more smoothly, when the crowd and noise of the city no longer bring us the satisfaction we felt when we were students or after we got our first job. Later, learning the music of the city by heart and understanding that it is okay to dance to it when we really need to, we started to want to slow down and want to enjoy the peace and nature more often.

We still love the city, it is the center of all our opportunities for learning, entertainment and leisure, in addition to the other services that we cannot do without and that make us feel safe. But what if we discovered a place where we could also enjoy the benefits of the urban, but also the privilege of living in a neighborhood that emphasizes the values with which we resonate the most?

h4l comes to meet us, designing and building houses and apartments that align with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of the residents comes first, while emphasizing sustainability and innovation. Thus, rethinking the way housing is built in Romania, the focus shifts to the quality of life of tenants, who become the most important component in this process.

Why choose to live in villas for sale Bucharest

h4l THE VILLAGE, Pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, pe malul Lacului Șaulei, harta, București, vile de vânzare București
Villas for sale Bucharest - h4l THE VILLAGE

If we want to stay in touch with all the things that bring us fulfillment in the city, but also have space for relaxation, quality time with loved ones and more connection with nature, then choosing a villa for sale in Bucharest can be an optimal solution for us. And when we say villa, we do not mean those sumptuous and exclusive constructions that only people with very high incomes can access.

h4l THE VILLAGE is a neighborhood of houses with a garden, which borrows the characteristics of an apartment and a house, these being optimally compartmentalized and with the same well-known particularities of a villa for sale in Bucharest: multi-level layout (1136 houses P+1 and 148 TOWNHOUSES, P+2), private garden (between 35 and 200 sqm, depending on the type of house) and premium amenities which all residents of the neighborhood enjoy (fitness room, shopping areas, green and recreational spaces, playgrounds, community center, free work office and much more).

Moreover, for all this, the price is affordable and fair, exactly correlated with the resources used in the design and construction, without exaggerating when it comes to the location, conditions or materials used. In addition, the 3D BIM design model helps the entire team involved in the design and construction process to work together on the same set of information for optimal collaboration, which eliminates risks of any kind, as well as material waste. This program will determine the optimization of costs, as well as the harmonization of all activities on the site, in order to realize the mission of h4l to bring real comfort and well-being inside neighborhoods and homes.

Elements that recommend the purchase of a villa for sale Bucharest from h4l

h4l THE VILLAGE, Pentru cei care își doresc mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, București, Pipera, vile de vânzare București
Villas for sale Bucharest - h4l THE VILLAGE

h4l THE VILLAGE is a neighborhood that brings joy into life, something that is truly appreciable, especially if we look at the location of this neighborhood in a green, quiet area on the shore of Șaulei Lake, 5 minutes’ walk from Pipera Plaza and 10 minutes (by car) away from the Bucharest Business District office area. Practically, we can easily harmonize professional life with family life, being easy to make the transition from one to the other, in this context. Access is easy and quick, with the feeling that we are entering a small, self-contained town that emphasizes spending quality time inside, on the bonding of a strong community, often brought together through dedicated spaces. The recreation options are multiple, and the view and access to Șaulei Lake are exceptional, disconnecting the residents from the fast pace of the metropolis, encouraging us to enjoy nature, the birdsong and the cleaner air.

Peace is ensured by the fact that cars only have access to specially arranged spaces, and walking and cycling, scooters and others in the same category are encouraged. In addition, the architecture of these villas for sale Bucharest is modern, with generous and well-optimized spaces, with large glazed areas. All rooms on the ground floor have access to the garden, i.e. the closed kitchen and the living room (sometimes also the bedroom for 3 or 4-bedroom houses).

In other words, the fact that this neighborhood is an oasis of more green will inspire us to relax, to go out more in nature, which is beneficial for our physical and mental health. The fact that more than 33% of the area of the neighborhood is dedicated to green spaces causes a greater interest in preserving and protecting the natural area in the lake area, which becomes a promenade space.

On the other hand, the h4l team relies on efficiency, innovation, transparency, and the materials used in construction are premium, with a low impact on the environment, simultaneously aiming for an efficiency of resource consumption as well as costs, through the technical solutions offered. All houses in h4l THE VILLAGE are ready for smart technologies to monitor and control consumption according to the needs of the residents, and those who already have electric cars will have access to special charging stations in the parking areas. Insulation with basalt wool, heating by high-efficiency neighborhood centrals, ventilated facade to increase resistance over time and create a pleasant and modern architecture – these are just a few aspects that will recommend the houses in the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood.

When we are offered the opportunity to have a more spacious home, with the characteristics of an exclusive villa for sale Bucharest, but at a fair price, it is good to evaluate all the options and choose with our heart a house where our life becomes more qualitative, with focus on the truly valuable experiences.