Status of work as of September 26, 2022

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Stadiul lucrărilor la 26 septembrie 2022

Construction work for h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood is well underway, each phase being in different stages of development.

Below, you can see how the work is progressing on the site:

Construction work in progress

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Construction work for PHASE 1 and PHASE 4 are in full development.

Houses with garden foundations

The final markings have been made for the foundations of the PHASE 1 houses with garden. With this process, all houses with garden in the first phase of development of h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood have the foundations ready for the next stage of work.

Floors under construction

For some of the houses with garden from h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood, the structural work or the first floor has progressed.

Site log h4l THE VILLAGE 26 September 2022 – Showroom

h4l THE VILLAGE showroom is in the most advanced stage of construction.

You can follow the progress of construction works for h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood here.

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