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Interior rendering 4.5 apartment type, h4l THE VILLAGE

When you live and work in Bucharest, you know the fast pace of life and would like to disconnect from it as often as possible to deal with it effectively. A house in Bucharest, in a secluded area, close to nature, but still with quick access to your areas of interest is a great idea, especially when you think about the summer evenings that you could spend comfortably and relaxing in your own garden.

In the areas of Ilfov houses for sale, prices often reach exclusive thresholds, although the conditions they offer do not live up to expectations. Most houses, in the northern area of Bucharest, for example, are part of neighborhoods with poorly developed infrastructure and which are self-contained, individual. In addition to the fact that they seem quite isolated from the capital and you spend a lot of time on the way back and forth, most of the time the new homes in these areas are built quickly. Many of these are still not connected to utilities, with buyers relying on developers’ promises to connect their homes to utilities immediately after purchase. This attitude is understandable because many people want to sit at home and enjoy peace, freedom, and privacy. However, to avoid making a hasty decision, it is important to consider other options of Ilfov houses for sale, which can offer you much more, bringing joy into your life.

Responsibly built Ilfov houses for sale

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară
h4l THE VILLAGE - Ilfov houses for sale

The houses in the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood are built precisely with the idea of responding to a wide spectrum of needs, requirements and dissatisfaction, arising during the purchase of a house in Bucharest. The team of people behind the h4l movement believes in redefining the standards in the construction of houses/apartments in Romania and aligning with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of tenants, sustainability, and innovation come first. Also, by rethinking the way housing is built in urban areas in Romania, the focus is thus shifted to the quality of life, without making compromises of any kind.

The most important component in the neighborhood with Ilfov houses for sale is the tenants themselves, because in the service of them and their well-being h4l has created fully functional, sustainable and comfortable houses that take the best elements from an apartment and a house. The generous spaces, carefully thought out so that their form fulfills their function, the large windows, the access to the terrace from the rooms on the first floor, and the opening to your own garden on the ground floor, emphasize spending a meaningful time, both indoors and outdoors.

The orientation of the neighborhood with Ilfov houses for sale, the basalt wool thermal insulation, the large windows, the ventilated facade, the district heating plant, and the consumption regulation technologies offer a new perspective on thermal comfort, but also cost efficiency, 40% lower in these conditions. In addition to the healthy climate inside the home, provided by natural light throughout the day, an optimal level of ventilation and humidity, h4l houses are oases of relaxation, especially since they are located in green neighborhoods.

Ilfov houses for sale in a neighborhood with 33% of the area occupied by green spaces

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară
h4l THE VILLAGE - Ilfov houses for sale

You will enjoy an optimized and well-compartmentalized space, just like in the case of an apartment, but you will also have your own garden, which you are free to arrange as you wish. Moreover, you will have access to a series of green spaces and dedicated gardens, both for adults and children, as well as shopping areas, community center, fitness room and free work office – all this in the proximity of your home with its own yard.

The houses in h4l THE VILLAGE have a view and opening to the shore of Șaulei Lake, with a promenade that will inspire you with peace, love of nature and beauty. Complementing these benefits of amenities, facilities, and a premium level of living, you’ll connect to a community that shares the same values and ideals as you, giving you even more reasons to get out, both for nature and socializing.

In other words, you will pay a fair price for all the benefits, since, from the design phase, the h4l team wanted to make costs more efficient on materials, using a 3D modeling program to calculate the exact amount of elements needed in the construction. So, the northern area of Bucharest, the unique vision of the well-being of the residents, the premium materials and constructions, the spaces that integrate the house and the garden in a special microclimate, make these Ilfov houses for sale the perfect opportunity to bring joy into your life.

h4l THE VILLAGE is the promise of a neighborhood that will change your perspective on living in Bucharest, allowing you to love this place even more and appreciate it for everything it has to offer. h4l is a whole philosophy of life that you will never want to live without.

This article also exists in Romanian hereCase de vânzare Ilfov – pentru cei care își doresc mai mult