How we bring joy into life living in the city

How we bring joy into life living in the city

Living in the city has always been considered safer and more offering in terms of the facilities and benefits, people always having the feeling that the city understands them and that it comes quickly to meet them, whenever they face an existential challenge or trial. However, for people to live their lives naturally in the city, it must become more responsive and attentive to their needs, moving more easily to functionalities that represent them and make them happier.

Advantages of city life

City life means a lot of ways to spend quality time, to get from one place to another faster, depending on the need of the moment, but also many other opportunities for learning and academic and professional development. Because the urban environment favors the involvement of people in local communities, they are often given the opportunity to vote for urban development programs they resonate with and want to be implemented. By definition, in most cities, the voice of the people matters and the urban is a place that can be much more easily personalized, by putting their wishes and aspirations into practice.

In addition to the rich cultural life, the events in which the townspeople can take part are, for most of them, their continuous source of inspiration, but also the motivation that makes them to continue to accept living in the alert and ever-changing reality of the city. It is the place where art can take any form, becoming a therapy for body and mind in various forms adapted to the needs of modern man. In addition, superior medical services, quick access to medical treatment, but also the wide variety of services in complementary fields guarantee a better life quality on long term.

The access to all these is made, in the big cities, through easy public transport system, but also through proper infrastructure, careful with the environment and which discourages the use of personal car.

Business ideas come to life more easily in the urban environment, as they also come with target audiences to support them. Thus, in addition to corporations, factories and many other work units, people can quickly find a well-paid job.

In all its splendor, the city needs people to function optimally, just as people need all its advantages and facilities to lead a complete life where all their needs are meet efficiently.

How we bring joy into life living in the city

Bring joy into life – How to humanize the city

Although it makes its inhabitants to adapt to a fast pace, an unmistakable urban music and an air slightly more laden with toxic emissions than in rural areas, the city always comes with well-known rewards for city dwellers. Choosing it precisely for its accessibility, easiness and fluidity with which their lives usually unfold in an urban settlement, the city knows how to keep its people close, but it still has a few things to work on. Although the city seems to be the place where people can develop and live in harmony with each other, having all the living conditions to be fulfilled, city life is full of challenges.

So, how can the city be humanized, so it is people-friendly, promoting health well-being within it? First of all, starting from what it is already built, people should be encouraged to be creative and find simple and traditional solutions to move between buildings without the personal car. Thus, it would actively contribute to streamlining of traffic, reducing the carbon footprint (so important in the current context of imminent global warming), but also familiarizing townspeople with urban spaces, enjoying an incomparable authentic experience, discovering it on foot or pedaling. In addition, city dwellers must be constantly encouraged to spend time outdoors in the company of others, having a fulfilling experience of living between buildings.

Basically, the greatest challenge of townspeople is to find a balance between privacy and sociability. For it to be overcome, both new houses and outdoor spaces that serve them must encourage people to spend quality time, safely and in optimal conditions for their health and well-being, both at home and outside.

Soft city or people’s city

This is a concept whose values and mission can be adopted regardless of the infrastructure of the city or the state in which it is in relation with people’s needs. Just because cities are becoming more and more intelligent, with more focus on its inhabitants, there is a good chance that soft city is any of the cities in which we live. If the authorities focused more on the seemingly conflicting issues, but which can bring people together, and less on separating and reorganizing human activities into distinct territories, we would have a good start. From here, they can transform accelerated urbanization into an opportunity for making the city work better, transforming them into places for beneficial interactions and places to connect.

Equally important is that people be taught to live as locally as possible, to accept density and diversity. It’s not just about accepting your own life, but about “making the most of what you have”, which can contribute to the creation of more sustainable, more resilient urban communities with healthier and happier people.

Embracing urban reality instead of avoiding and dining it can improve our life. h4l created living spaces that value life in the heart of the cities, encouraging the creation of sustainable, more meaningful and pleasant relationships between neighbors. How about living in a place that brings together all the advantages of urban living?

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