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Living in Bucharest and having a house with your own garden, for you and your family, often seems like a distant dream, difficult to fulfill. Also, to have the indisputable benefits of the capital city, but also to enjoy peace, fresh air, nature and relaxation seems a paradox. Moreover, the prices of such houses in secluded and sought-after areas of Bucharest represent a barrier for many of us, which is why we stop looking for such a home. Cu toate acestea, există opțiuni noi și cinstite pe piața imobiliară din capitală, pentru toate nevoile ce țin de suprafețe, compartimentare și buget.

Apartments with garden in one of the most coveted areas of Bucharest

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If we think about the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood, which includes two concepts in one, that of house and apartment with garden, we will notice that they are a fair and fulfilling alternative to the houses with garden with exacerbated prices in Bucharest. Borrowing the best features of each of these – houses and apartments with garden – h4l innovated by creating a minimalist hybrid, focused on the need for comfort and well-being, active connection with nature, anchoring in urban reality.

Thus, located in a green and quiet area, the h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood is located on the shore of Șaulei Lake, 5 minutes’ walk from Pipera Plaza and 10 minutes (by car) from the Bucharest Business District office area. By giving it this name, THE VILLAGE, we thought of encapsulating the idea of a self-contained, autonomous “town” with emphasis on satisfying the most important needs of the community that will develop within it. Because we focus on the happiness of the tenants, we have built dedicated spaces outside the houses with garden, so that they feel that they are part of a well-knit whole. Dedicated gardens, fitness room, free work office, community center, commercial spaces and others are opportunities for recreation but also for meeting and socializing in the neighborhood.

h4l THE VILLAGE believes in the idea of bringing residents together to capture the essence of community and set in motion the engine of a quality life – collaboration and understanding with those who live in our immediate vicinity. Basically, the easiest way to access all that society has to offer is to have close neighbors (David Sim, Soft City).). Because this symbolic name of the neighborhood and the association with the term apartments with garden was not well understood, we renamed the neighborhood Houses with garden to be more easily associated with its central vision.

The differences between h4l apartments with garden and courtyard houses in the Pipera area

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As well as being part of a single gated community with controlled access, these apartments with garden are situated within a complex on a generous 147,500 sqm of land. Here will be built 1136 houses (P+1) with garden between 35 and 70 sqm and 148 TOWNHOUSE type houses (P+2) with garden between 100 and 200 sqm with a view and direct access to Lake Șaulei, at a level of premium housing quality, setting new benchmarks for Romania.

The h4l movement is a breath of fresh air thanks to the team of people who believe in redefining the standards in the construction of houses/apartments in Romania and aligning with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of tenants, sustainability and innovation come first. Precisely in this perspective, we are rethinking the way we build housing in Romania, shifting the focus to the quality of life. The architecture is modern, built around the central concept of “bringing joy into life”, all homes having generous and well-optimized spaces. Towards the garden we provided large glazed areas, each room on the ground floor has an exit to the garden (the closed kitchen and the living room). Moreover, the gardens are spacious and can become the expression of the creativity of each member of the family, being the oasis of peace and recreation in privacy.

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The love of nature is translated into the very low height regime, so that 500 trees will be taller than the buildings in the neighborhood as 33% of the area dedicated to the neighborhood will be occupied by green spaces and gardens. In addition, the development of the neighborhood is done in harmony with nature because we protect and preserve the natural area around the lake converted into a spectacular promenade. The materials used in the construction are either recycled, durable and sustainable, or have a low impact on the environment. For a carbon footprint that is as small as possible, we ensure high energy efficiency through the technical solutions used (insulation with basalt wool, ventilated facade, heating through high-efficiency district heating plants, smart technologies for regulating consumption and cost efficiency).

On the same note, of avoiding waste, the use of the 3D-BIM technique in design brings advantages both for all entities involved in design and construction, harmonizing their activity, and in the use of exact quantities of materials, depending on the needs on the site. Thus, we get apartments with garden at the fair price, obtained on the basis of an optimal analysis of all the resources involved in the creation of this concept.

If you also want a house with a garden at an optimal price, located in a neighborhood where the most important component is you, choose the h4l option that suits you best and that will bring joy into your life from the very beginning.