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Home for life

First of all, you should know that h4l (home for life) is a movement, a new one for Romania, but with a long history in the West, that supports the idea of houses made for people and their needs. H4l Development is the company building in Romania the first residential neighborhood intended for people with average incomes, able to respect the values of the movement – home for life (home for life).

What does - home for life mean and what are the pillars on which this concept rests

h4l values

Home is the place where we “recharge our batteries”, so “home” can no longer be anywhere and can not be built anyway. H4l Development – changes the paradigm, efficiently builds residential, warm, welcoming neighborhoods, “builds the house that enlivens life”.





With efficiency we build home for life

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The first project developed by H4L is West Garden. This project transposes to reality all the values that underlie h4L and completely changes the way residential complexes are built in Romania.

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West Garden is a residential complex in Brașov, with Gf + 6 F, with a safe interior area for children, with green spaces that occupy over 25% of the total area, with optimized interior spaces, with large areas, with many glazed areas, with terraces for all apartments, with underground parking, close to the subway and most importantly, at a fair price.

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You are the center of the project We change the rules, we know that if everything is done perfectly and that if you are fully satisfied, then we will win together, in the long run. West Garden crosses the barrier of costs, profits, architects who design inefficiently or those who design for awards, West Garden is a project of the house for life.

What we do differently?

We are different by purpose and approach. We know that when you do things perfectly, everyone wins and, in addition, you build very long-term relationships. We optimize everything to provide a better life for each tenant – life begins at home.

  1. We carefully choose the places where we build
  2. we design everything very well (access roads, water supply, energy, sewerage, parking lots, green spaces, common areas, apartment plan)
  3. we optimally design the interior spaces for each apartment, regardless of the number of rooms or surface and this increases the satisfaction of the tenants
  4. we work with performing suppliers
  5. we use quality materials
  6. we offer information with a maximum of transparency
  7. we make sure that everything is fully functional even after the project is completed
  8. 69/5000 we set a fair price so that we can have a win/win relationship.

The team

h4l is a team of passionate people who fully understand the role of architecture in changing the life of cities


With the same path

We are a team of more than 30 people with experience in different fields. Some of us have many years of experience in real estate, and among us are architects, engineers, but also successful businessmen. We all have the same goal – to build places that can truly become home.


And a worldwide movement

We build homes designed for people. We bring – home for life – movement from western countries to Romania In 2018, h4l Development starts in Bucharest the construction of the West Garden neighborhood, the first in Romania designed after this global trend – home for life.


Each morning

13 000 smiles each morning We believe in numbers and we are reminded of the smiles we saw every morning in the neighborhoods in whose construction we were involved. Life begins at home – this is what I learned in the over 15 years gathered in this market.

Million Euros

In 15 years

This is the sum of the projects we have done so far. This amount combines residential, commercial and office-building projects. Every year, every project brought us here, to – h4l – the complete team that designs and creates the neighborhoods of tomorrow.

h4l partners

We know that performance can only be achieved with partners who share the same values with us, so the selection is very carefully made.

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Thank you for visiting the website. We invite you to any of our projects to see how we build homes designed for people and their needs. You can contact us by phone, email or contact form.


Iuliu Maniu Bulevard

No: 309-317, Bucharest

+40 784 369 369