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h4l HOLBAN, apartamente Băneasa, Pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Ștrăulești

Living in Bucharest is a real challenge. Whether the advantages of living in a metropolis make life in the urban agglomeration easier, or whether you feel attached to this place in an irrevocable way, it is necessary to make constant efforts to feel that you belong to the place. In this sense, a home in a neighborhood that brings joy into life in Bucharest can considerably change your perception of it and can even make you love living in the capital city.

The h4l HOLBAN neighborhood, located near Băneasa Mall, complies with the h4l (home 4 life) design and development criteria, raising the standards of quality of life in the neighborhood. It provides homes with generous surfaces, with premium materials, at affordable prices for specific middle-class incomes. In addition, these Băneasa apartments are built according to 3 criteria that are the basis of the h4l philosophy: bring joy into life, more green, and efficiency, innovation and transparency. As a result, by redefining the standards in the construction of houses and apartments in Romania, they align with the vision of western countries, where the happiness of the tenants comes first.

Bring joy into life in Băneasa apartments

h4l HOLBAN, apartamente 4 camere București, h4l, home 4 life, pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Băneasa

By rethinking the way housing is built in Romania and shifting the focus to the quality of life, h4l mission involves bringing joy into life, put into practice by 3 important elements: the h4l team that brings projects to life, the h4l quality management system, and the people who live and believe in h4l, taking the story forward.

When you live in a seismically safe apartment, with modern architecture, with generous glazed spaces, where everything is new, minimalist, unfolded in flowing lines and geometries on the principle of form follows function, then your well-being is in balance too. In addition to the optimal location of the neighborhood in terms of space and light, the partitions for Băneasa apartments are sized correctly, responding to a wide range of needs and budgets. On the same note, the interior space has high, bright rooms, carefully optimized, so that there are no hard-to-use surfaces.

In addition, for more relaxation and spending time outdoors without going outside, all h4l apartments have large terraces of at least 10 sqm, with access from every room.

The neighborhood is enriched with many dedicated spaces to meet all immediate needs: commercial areas, health, and pharmaceutical points, as well as other dedicated spaces to bring community members together: kindergarten, fitness room, free work office as well as other common spaces in the inner gardens to maintain an active social life.

In the h4l HOLBAN neighborhood, you will feel safe, as it is a gated neighborhood with controlled access, the playgrounds are safe for children, and the community members can rely on trust and the idea that they share the same values. Inside it, cars have parking spaces underground or in the outer areas of the neighborhoods, for visitors. 10% of these parking spaces will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

In order to strengthen the feeling of safety inside the neighborhood, but also of the h4l apartments, the district heating plant brings benefits related to aesthetics and the space used, eliminating the risks associated with the apartment central heating. In addition, there will be no inspections in your apartment, you will not inhale the gases from the neighbors’ power plants, nor will there be any risk of explosion, because the neighborhood power plant is set up in a special space, to which only specialized personnel has access.

The emphasis on comfort in Băneasa apartments will be felt through the stillness of the interior, given by very good insulation of the walls (30 cm brick for the walls delimiting the apartments), as well as optimal sound insulation between floors. The thermal and energetic comfort is given by the combination of the insulation with basalt wool, the ventilated facade (increased vapor permeability), the use of sunlight throughout the day, as well as smart technologies for the efficiency of consumption.

More green in Băneasa apartments

h4l, home 4 life, neighborhoods that bring joy into life, h4l HOLBAN

The importance of green spaces in an ultra-crowded metropolis is particularly great, and h4l makes efforts to design and create as many green spaces as possible, for recreation and disconnection from the fast urban pace. That is why, inside the neighborhoods, you will find, on more than 33% of their surface, green spaces, which inspire love for nature and the performance of as many outdoor activities as possible.

Sustainability is one of our strengths, as we believe that paying attention to nature can generate a better quality of life, focusing on what we really need. Thus, through our sustainable solutions, we celebrate the commitment to a healthy lifestyle, both for you and our planet. High energy efficiency, manifested by a 40% decrease in energy consumption compared to the average in Romania, will generate lower maintenance bills, and the use of sustainable technical solutions will lead to much less decommissioning and maintenance work at the neighborhood level.

Efficiency, innovation and transparency in Baneasa apartments neighborhood

h4l HOLBAN, h4l, home 4 life, for those who dare

The design model that h4l opted for is called 3D BIM, and it differs from the classic ones in that the architects, engineers (both those responsible for the structure and those responsible for the installations), the builder, and the project managers work on integrated 3D models. This means that everything is optimized, so risks are minimal in the design and quality management processes (site verification). At the same time, this type of 3D modeling ensures construction quality management.

In another train of thoughts, h4l looks after the well-being of its residents and after sales, offering property/neighborhood management services to make it easier for you to move into your home, as well as a rent management service to capitalize on the investment.

Transparency is one of our values, and we have set the prices for Băneasa apartments according to that. We have achieved cost optimization through 3D design, high quality standardization and bulk purchasing (developing 7 neighborhoods). Also, all information related to our suppliers, the materials used in construction, as well as details related to the characteristics of each development in our portfolio are available at a click or call away. We are responsible, and we assume that everything we promise we will achieve.

So would you like to be part of a community where happiness, harmonious relationships, and quality of life in optimal relation with sustainable principles are the most important aspects of living?