Alternative to Străulești apartments

h4l HOLBAN, apartamente Herăstrău, Pentru cei care îndrăznesc

The Străulești area is located in the northwestern region of the capital, in Sector 1. As green, inviting and attractive as it is, the prices of apartments and houses are high, especially lately. This area has recently developed, hosting a number of real estate projects owned by both real estate developers and landowners. As a result, the traffic in this area is intense, especially at the exit from Bucharest to Mogoșoaia, but there are also more airy areas, close to nature, near the forest and Lake Străulești.

The area does not have a well-developed infrastructure, some streets are not paved. However, if you want to get away from the crowds and noises of the city, then here you have the opportunity to escape by choosing one of those Străulești apartments, because the place is much quieter and more secluded. But high property prices can be an impediment to you or those who aspire to live here. That is precisely why you should know that there are other alternatives at a fair price that you can enjoy in a neighborhood prepared to meet your most varied needs.

h4l HOLBAN, the alternative to Străulești apartments

h4l HOLBAN, h4l, home 4 life, pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Străulești
h4l HOLBAN, the alternative to Străulești apartments

If you want to move to a place full of greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and which offers you the comfort, relaxation, and peace you need, h4l HOLBAN is a complete neighborhood, equipped with everything you need to be fulfilled. It is built based on a mission to redefine the construction standards of houses and apartments in Romania, aligning with a fresh vision specific to western countries where the focus falls on the tenants’ happiness. Moreover, because there is a growing need to integrate sustainable concepts into everyday life, h4l capitalizes on sustainability and innovation in the most varied forms within its neighborhoods. For the lowest possible impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint, h4l apartments are built with the idea of making heating and thermal energy costs more efficient, as well as other utilities. That is because, in addition to the basalt wool thermal insulation, the windows with large glazing, the optimal orientation of the buildings in space, the ventilated facade and the central heating system, the h4l variants at Străulești apartments are prepared for smart technologies for regulating the consumption of resources.

On the other hand, unlike the new Străulești apartment buildings where expensive, cramped and inefficiently compartmentalized properties are sold, just to benefit from the area’s facilities, the h4l HOLBAN neighborhood seems to be a self-contained mini-town in this region of the capital. In addition to the fact that exits are encouraged inside the gated neighborhood with controlled access, thanks to various dedicated spaces – community center, work office, green gardens, playground, fitness room, shopping areas and more – there are a lot of green spaces here. Over 33% of the area dedicated to the entire neighborhood is green spaces, residents feeling free to explore the area and spend a lot of time outdoors, safely, with their loved ones. Cars have separate parking spaces, either underground or on the outskirts of the neighborhood, so that people benefit from more fresh air, more peace and freedom of movement.

How h4l apartments differ from other Străulești apartments

h4l HOLBAN, apartamente Băneasa, Pentru cei care îndrăznesc, apartamente Ștrăulești
h4l HOLBAN, the alternative to Străulești apartments

In addition to the above, which clearly makes a difference in the experience of living in h4l neighborhoods compared to Străulești apartments, these apartments are built in such a way that people are happy and have a permanent state of well-being. Moreover, the community built around them is an important pillar in the life philosophy of the people who choose to set up home here. Just like in Western countries, although it is a joy to nestle inside, where you feel yourself, the leisure opportunities available outside the apartment are real ways to disconnect from the fast pace of life. At the same time, you can easily connect to the values shared with your neighbors and those who contribute to your comfort and well-being within the neighborhood.

An important imprint on the way people here live, in harmony with nature and valuing its resources, is also the way in which the h4l concept was thought from the zero phase. When thinking about the 3D modeling of the project, the efforts of architects, designers, engineers and material suppliers were harmonized to optimize the consumption of materials and avoid their waste. This efficiency trend is transmitted further both at the level of construction, through the quality management and optimization of the materials used, but also in the offer of fair prices, strictly adapted to the accumulation of resources used so that you can enjoy a sustainable and comfortable home.

If you also want a home that is a balanced alternative but rich in the advantages of healthy living to those Străulești apartments that cost more than the benefits they offer, research the h4l vision and choose your future home 4 life with your heart!

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